Engaging your fans on Facebook is one of the greatest means to grow your fan page on the most popular social media networking portal. The most activity is on your fan page, the more fans will be talking about it and certainly will attract more users towards your page.

Facebook engagement is created through shares, likes and comments that are being made on your Fan page. Following are the 4 essential ways via which you can easily create highly engaging posts for your fan page.

Show a Considerate Side Of Your Business

If you have been able to receive hundreds of thousands of Likes on your page, it does not mean that they are equally loyal as well. Being precise, just because people get to Like your page on Facebook, does not mean that they are your friends too. If they are considering them your friends, they will engage their networks in, so you need to engage! You need to find it out who they are by simply asking them about their ‘daily routines’, simple questions that encourage them to provide simple answers. Questions like how is your weekend going on? Spiderman or Batman? Which is the best movie to watch? etc.


A photo that is shared with people is one of the simplest means to catch someone’s attention. Clear, bright and inspiring photos are always well appreciated and received. Therefore, you need to make sure that you upload photos that are relevant to your business or provide your followers with a message that they appreciate and like to share among their networks. Get yourself certified in 70-450 Certification. There is 100% passing guarantee. Buy 70-687 Exam training material to get better exam results using our quality material.

Sharing Posts and Comments

Select, share and comment on the posts you find interesting on other pages. When you consider making a witty comment on another post, you need to keep this fact in your mind that you are engaging them as well as the fans of the particular fan page. Try to make a comment as early as you can. While something has been posted, it is exceedingly fresh. People will be reading your comments if you have posted it initially and below the post. However, if there are ready hundred of comments already made, your comment will be missed out.

Commenting on the posts actually creates awareness about your fan page on another page with the relevant target audience. Always check back after some time to see if anyone has liked your comment or commented about it.

Sharing Useful posts is a great approach to encourage other users to respond as well as share one or more of the posts you have already shared with them.

Reward and Thank Your Fans

Fans love to be appreciated and recognized. When you show them that you care about them, you actually initiate to build fan loyalty and a stronger rapport. Following are some vital suggestions you must take into account:

Upload photos with text such as ‘fans of the page are the best’ or ‘Thank you’. Spotlight the most participative fan as ‘fan of the month’. You can also make use of several 3rd party applications like Bamboo which rewards fans for simply spreading out the word about your business or brand.

Thanks to Nanna Jensen of MinTemaFest.dk for writing this article.

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