Pay per click is an effective online marketing medium and to reap its benefits, business owners often hire a reliable pay per click company to manage their marketing activities. PPC helps you attract consumers all over the globe. The biggest benefit of PPC is that it provides quick and direct response from buyers. Whatever you pay for the marketing campaign, you can be assured of some guaranteed return. This is because unlike print media ads, PPC can be showed to a particular segment of audience for better conversion.

PPC Management

When PPC ad campaign service providers meet clients and discuss the facilities offered by them, they often send the best team to represent the agency. You hear from them and get convinced that they will provide quality services at the most budget friendly rates. While some agencies live up to the mark, most of them fail to deliver what they promised. After wasting some precious time and a lot of money, you finally realize that the service provider may have sent the A-team for sales pitch but your ad campaign is being handled by the C-team.

While working with a PPC agency, keep your eyes open and make sure you get the proper service. Here are a few traits that will help you understand if you need to say goodbye to the current service provider and hire a new one.

Dissatisfactory on boarding experience – A busy PPC company handles multiple ad campaigns at the same time but if they are professional, they will give equal time and importance to every single client. How they treat you can speak a lot about their professionalism. The service provider should ask for your Google account details and Analytics login. You should also outline the goal of your ad campaign and specific rules and regulations of your company. Share detailed information about your products and services so that the marketing team can position your brand properly. Most SEM companies follow certain standard procedures during on boarding and if the process seems unprofessional, the future endeavors may not be as fruitful as you hope.

Poor reporting – Each company has its own set of goals and hence, the service provider must send a customized report to you every week. Every businessman wants to know about conversion rate but the priorities of two different companies may not be the same. For example, A company may have just started business and newsletter subscription must be more important to them than actual product sales while B company may want to know how many products they are selling every month.

Too many broad match – Broad keywords are good for marketing but it can also affect your campaign’s performance if used without any consideration. Let’s make this simple for you. If you are targeting 10 keywords for your ad campaign, then only 2-3 keywords should be long tailed. Rest of it should be short and more specific. For example, if you provide web design service and your company is located in Kolkata, you should focus on “website design”, “web design” and “website design company”, and must not base the entire marketing campaign on the “web design company in Kolkata” keyword.

No ad text testing – Reputed PPC companies constantly modify the ad text to retain customers’ attention. They monitor the effectiveness of an ad copy and then release a new one to relieve consumers from monotonousness. When working with your campaign manager, make sure that he explains the process to you and provide you with data as you go through the testing period. If you are not happy with their ad rotation method, start looking for a new and better pay per click company.

Limited understanding of the role of keywords – Most PPC companies judge the effectiveness of a campaign on the last click basis. They give the credit of a conversion to the final click but that is not the proper way to evaluate the importance of keywords. Your service provider should understand the key role of top of the funnel keywords and how they influence consumers’ psyche.

No Google certification –You must hire a Google certified company as such an agency has far better understanding of Pay per Click advertisements and can help you attract a larger segment of customers within a short period of time. If your current PPC service provider is not Google certified, it’s the time to change your service provider.

The effectiveness of an ad campaign depends on the expertise of the ad managing company. Never trust a company blindly just because they say “we are the best”. Study their work method regularly and carefully to make sure you get great return on investment.

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Aditi Datta is a passionate writer who loves to provide essential tips on managing your PPC Campaign through her write ups. She has got years of experience in handling different campaigns from different fields.

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