These days it is easy for anybody to start a blog and chase the dream of raking in those big bucks we hear of. There is still, however, a question that must be answered before the cash starts rolling in. How do I get an audience to view my blog? Not only do you want people viewing your blog, you want them coming by the thousands and then sharing their new discovery with their friends. While this may seem easy at first there are a few key things to keep in mind while you start your new enterprise.

First and foremost, high volume traffic doesn’t come overnight. It takes a lot of work and unique concepts to drive new viewers onto your webpage. Think to yourself, “If I were a viewer, why would I chose this site to get my information from? What’s stopping me from going to another page?” The best way to get the viewership you desire is by supplying fresh and truly unique content on a regular basis. If you are covering media that is already widely covered make sure to enact an interesting angle that won’t be found anywhere else. In short, avoid picking up the paper or clicking over to your favorite news website and reiterating the same idea. If you’re basically saying the same thing in your article as a larger source already is you aren’t going to sway viewers into visiting your webpage. The use of video is also a very popular feature that not many bloggers have been able to implement in a creative fashion. Consider this as another option to driving more unique traffic to your blog.

Not only is it important to post unique information, but it is also key to continuously update your blog with new articles. If you’re only publishing one article a month to your blog, why would a reader come back? Chances are they will check back in a day or two to find the same stuff they already and read during their last visit and will not continue to check back for updates.

As well as posting new articles, posting information that goes in depth is also extremely important. Articles that are superficial and lacking of deep meaning are a dime a dozen on the internet. If you are unwilling to take the time and write concise documents that bring breadth to a subject you will not receive the traffic that you desire. The key element truly is to provide consistent information about your subject of choice to your viewers.

Newsletters are also a great way to get viewers more engaged in your webpage. For example if you work in the finance niche then you need to focus on providing up to date analysis and thoughts on lending. If they haven’t been on your blog for a period of time and receive a newsletter from you they are more likely be curious if anything has changed in the buy to let lending or rent guarantee market and will want to navigate back to your page again. They also offer the chance that a reader may find an article that they enjoy and may want to forward to a friend, bringing in yet another viewer. This also has a chain reaction effect driving more and more people to your webpage resulting in higher traffic.

Lastly, creating effective titles for specific pages/article of your blog is vital. Put yourself in your viewers shoes and think about how they might search for your information on google or their favorite search engine. If your article focuses on how to change oil on a car, don’t name your article something like “Auto Tips”. Be specific and use a title such as “How to change the oil in your car” or “Oil Change Instructions” or maybe even “Oil Change walkthrough”.

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