Those who were affected by the latest Google update, the Penguin, know how difficult it is to recover and get a website back in business. But, just like in real life, online too, a kick in the back should be a step forward, a sign that something in your marketing strategy was wrong and you need to come up with new ideas.

Perhaps it is time you started guest blogging. It is a great way to build backlinks and to reach out to people interested in your products, but who have no idea that you exist. Basically, guest blogging means writing articles and posts for another blog in exchange of the right to include a link to your website in the posts (using anchor text) or at the end of the post in author bio box where you present yourself and your business.

guest blogging

It is beneficial for both you and the owners of the blogs you write for. You get quality backlinks and traffic, they get free, original and relevant content. Usually, the blogs that accept posts from guests are already an authority in their niche, and they already have a solid position in the search engines.

Consequently, through the backlinks that you build, you gain some of that authority for your own site, and you know that, after the recent updates, the quality of the links and their relevance matters more than their number.

Why Is Guest Blogging Important in a Penguin World?

Google’s latest update promotes quality above everything else. While, with the Panda algorithm, Google tried to eliminate poor quality content, with the Penguin, it focuses on promoting only valuable content.

In order to prove that you meet the standards, you need links from high ranking websites in your niche, in a number as great as possible, built naturally (not using automated tools and blasted randomly), and that is exactly what guest blogging offers you.

Benefits Of Guest Posts

  • Higher traffic – As mentioned, the blogs accepting guest posts are usually an authority in their niche, so they have thousands of visitors every day. Every article you post redirects some of those visitors to your own site.
  • Fresh and original content – This is only possible if you decide to accept guest posts on your own blog, and you should have no reason not to, considering that every post brings some new links and free, original content that Google still loves.
  • Better interaction with your visitors – Some people choose to post only to share their ideas and receive feedback and by allowing them to do so, or by answering their comments to your own posts, you show them that you care, that they are more than just figures contributing to your spot in SERPs or your account balance.
  • Reputation – Of course, it all depends on how well you write, on how convincing you are and on how well you defend your ideas, but, if you play your cards right, this is your best chance to earn the respect of your target customers, to get to their hearts and to convince them that your are worthy of their trust and, implicitly, of their decision to invest money in your products.
  • Beyond A Valuable Link – One of the best benefits of guest posts is that you can actually get new readers to your own blog when you guest post on sites that are popular and have a large following. This goes way beyond just getting a link, it goes to presenting yourself as an expert in your niche, which results in increased traffic to your own site, more subscribers and can lead to many more natural links that others will give you when they are impressed with what they find on your site.

As you can see guest blogging has many benefits whether you are the writer or the publisher. Conecting with other bloggers in your niche that accept guest posts is one of the best ways to beat the Penguin at its own game!

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